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All.Nure Dmondback-Embrance 25

(Diamondback *RC x Beemer x Gold Chip)

Huge PTAT *RC from the Embrace family!


Allevamenti Al.Be.Ro
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Reg No.



January 3, 2018

Genomic Result

US 08/20 GTPI +1909 / NM $ -173 / PTAT +2.66 [ Details ]


  • Chart topping in the *RC female list: +3.27 PTAT (04/19)
  • Show sire stack: Diamondback *RC x Beemer x Gold Chip
  • 10 generations VG or EXCELLENT dams!
  • Over 8 All-American or All-Canadian Championship titles in this pedigree
  • She goes back on the aristocratic brood Cow Broker Elegance EX-96!!


Embrace VG-87-IT
2.01 305d 9.575kgM 3.8% 368F 3.2% 309P
  • Grand dam was Res. All-American Jr. 3-Yr. Old '10
Pol Butte Mc Beemer
Budjon-JK Gldchip Enamel-ET VG-89-USA 2yr.
2-03 2x 365d 10.274kgM 4.1% 424F 3.2% 325P
  • Beautiful Gold Chip daughter x EX-95 Dundee x EX-92 Storm x Budjon-JK Lintjet Eileen EX-96!
  • Straight from 8th generations EXCELLENT!!
  • Dam was Res. All-American Jr. 3-Yr. Old '10
Mr Chassity GOLD CHIP
2-02 2x 305d 10.587kgM 3.5% 371F 3.3% 347P
3-03 2x 305d 11.689kgM 3.6% 415F 3.3% 390P
4-03 2x 35d 15.032kgM 3.2% 481F 3.2% 488P
  • Nominated All-American 4yr. Old 2011
  • Reserve All-American Junior 3yr. Old 2010
  • 2nd Junior 3yr. Old Cow World Dairy Expo 2010
  • 4th 4yr. Old Cow World Dairy Expo 2011

Next Dams

4th Budjon-JK Storm Emily-ET EX-92-USA 2E DOM
5th Budjon-JK Linjet Eileen EX-96-USA 4E GMD DOM
6th Krull Broker Elegance EX-96-USA 3E GMD DOM
7th Krull Starbuck Excellency EX-90-USA GMD DOM
8th Krull TT Excellency EX-90-USA DOM
9th Krull Boot Mark Excellency EX-92-USA 2E GMD DOM
10th Krull Kingstead Excellency EX-92-USA 4E GMD

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