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Hul-Stein Darq Mistery 1

(Modesty x Supersire x Tango)

+2735 GTPI / NM $ +870 Modesty dtr!! (08/18)


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Reg No.



February 1, 2018

Genomic Result

US 08/19 GTPI +2546 / NM $ 793 / PTAT +1.73 [ Details ]


  • Modesty dtr with +2735 GTPI / NM $ 870 (08/18)
  • Grand dam is the former #1 POLLED Tango daughter in Europe!!
  • Unique pedigree with Modesty x Supersire x Tango x the fabulous Raven family!
  • Same family as AI bulls, Duke, Dakota, Osaka and more
  • Out of the great Markwell Bstar E Raven EX-95!!


Hul-Stein Super Darq 2-ET *P
  • The former #7 GTPI Polled Heifer in Europe
  • Dam is the #1 Polled Tango dtr in Europe and a former top 25 GTPI Polled Heifer
  • Unique polled heifer with +2460 GTPI! (4/18)
Hul-Stein Darquise
  • Former #1 POLLED Tango daughter in Europe!!
  • Same family as Duke, Dakota and Osaka
Mr Welcome Hill TANGO-ET
Passion Ladd Darquise P *RC GP-CAN GP-84-MS 1yr.
1.08 305d 11.032kgM 3.3% 365F 3.4% 371P
  • Classified at 1-09
  • Backed by the tremendous Ravens

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