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Ravenscroft Hall Farm
CW10 9LE Cheshire, United Kingdom



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Ridgefield Gold Atlee VG-89-UK 3yr.
(Sid x Goldwyn)
Straigt from the full sister to Atwood!
Lavenham Adeen EX-90-UK
(Durham x Skychief)
Fantastic Durham from the Adeen's
Applevue Rudy Mattia EX-97-UK
(Rudolph x Inspiration)
One of the very few EX-97 Cows in Europe
Thrulane James Rose EX-97-CAN 2E 1*
(Goldwyn x Dundee)
Grand daughter of James Rose EX-97!
Corringham Bob Roxy Red EX-93-UK
(Jordan x Rubens)
One of the very best R&W Cows in the UK
Ridgefield Gold Atlee VG-89-UK 3yr.
(Goldwyn x Durham)
Straight out of ATLEE
Riverdane PS Ashlyn VG-87-UK 2yr as a Maiden Heifer
(Shottle x Durham)
Grand daughter of Ashlyn EX-96
Riverdane Fever Amy VG-87-UK 2yr.
(Fever x Sunnylodge Skychief Amy EX-95!)
Great show cow


Savage-Leigh Lavisha VG-89-USA
(Sanchez x Toystory)
Dam sold for $340,000!


Rosedale Adventaeous Red EX-90-USA EX-92-MS
(Gold Chris x Advent)
Grand daughter of Redrose EX-96
Riverdane MB Strawberry Red VG-86-UK 2yr.
(Mr Burns x Talent)
Red from the Sara's
Riverdane Shottle Amber VG-88-UK 2yr. as a Maiden Heifer
(Shottle x Goldwyn)
From the full sister to Atwood!
Riverdane Sho Autumn
(Shottle x Roy)
Atlee's grand daughter
Riverdane Roses Allie Red VG-87-UK 2yr.
(Reflection x KHW Goldwyn Aiko)
Sister to Perfect Aiko, Fraiko, Applejax & more