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USA | Top 25 PTAT Heifers (>9 Months) - 04/19

April 2019
1PRISMAGEN ATTACKEDelight x Beemer x DoormanMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1909-164,37PrismaGen (DE)
2ARGH FUDGEDelight x Beemer x DeltaEngstad Madleine1827-344,3Casper Worm (DK)
3PRISMAGEN ADELEUndenied x Beemer x DoormanMs Kingstead Chief Adeen19681074,23PrismaGen (DE)
4CCC-HU EMILIO-CREMONA (2)Emilio x Beemer x AtwoodFarnear-Tbr-Bh At Corona20051324,18Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
5LB ADEENAJacoby x Atwood x ShottleAmlaird Lee Alice191354,15La Brasserie (FR)
6JK DG CARMEN 2Solomon x Atwood x DoormanCarf Emeraude20561484,15Diamond Genetics & JK Eder Holsteins (NL)
7LB ALICE RCJordy-Red x Doorman x RegimentKHW Regiment Apple-Red1950294,13Hullcrest Holsteins, K. Rutten, A. Blaauw (NL)
8DG HULLCRESTEmilio x Mccutchen x AtwoodFlora Atwood Adele20541924,09Hullcrest Holsteins & Diamond Genetics (NL)
9VINA JACOBY ET ADELE 2 ETJacoby x Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adele1893394,03Spanish Owned
10DG ARGH JACOBY ATLEEJacoby x Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adele1895334ARGH Holsteins (NL)
11ARGH FELINEDelight x Beemer x DeltaEngstad Madleine190333,99Beeze Holsteins & E. Hijgemann (NL)
12VINA DEFIANT ADEL 1 ETDefiant *RC x Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adele1740-843,99Spanish Owned
13PRISMAGEN ADEEN 5.0Delight x Beemer x DoormanMs Kingstead Chief Adeen20071323,98PrismaGen (DE)
14C.M.E. DEFIANT SEMMYDefiant *RC x Atwood x SanchezVandyk-K Integrity Paradise1825-163,97Italian Owned
15UPS K L ADEENAJordy-Red x Archrival x DoormanMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1931763,95BWN Holsteins (NL)
16HS SOLOMON ATLEE X ETSolomon x Beemer x MascaleseRiverdane Shottle Angel20401243,95Spanish Owned
17LIGHTNING RIDGE BEEMER CAMILLBeemer x Archrival x DoormanButlerview Door Camilla20211733,94German Owned
18ROEBRIDGE DOORMAN ROBIN ETDoorman x Windbrook x AtwoodAstrahoe Lj Rosa Rebel19801253,93Roebridge Holsteins (UK)
19OK ADEEN DE GREGANSolomon x Archrival x DoormanMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1906153,92French Owned
20359979555-ETJacoby x Atwood x SanchezFarnear-Tbr-Bh At Corona19161163,91German Owned
21FLORA EMILIO ADRETAEmilio x Beemer x AtwoodFlora Atwood Adeena1875193,91Flora Holsteins (ESP)
22BAIXO BEEMER MARUXA II ETBeemer x Doorman x AtwoodBaixo Duplex Maruxa19981223,88Spanish Owned
23ARGH FUNDENIEDUndenied x Beemer x DeltaEngstad Madleine19901383,88ARGH Holsteins (NL)
24GRILLE SOLOM ADDEN 1072 FIV ESolomon x Atwood x ShottleAmlaird Lee Alice20721713,88Spanish Owned
25B S JACOBY ASHLYNJacoby x Archrival x DoormanMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1887273,87Batouwe Holsteins & R. Schouten (NL)


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