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USA | Top 25 PTAT Cows (>2 years) - 04/19

April 2019
1HC ARCHRIVAL ARIANNEArchrival x Doorman x AtwoodMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1957694,07Batouwe Holsteins & R. Schouten (NL)
2ALL.NURE JEDI-DOOR LORNAByway x Doorman x AltabaxterComestar Lautelma Igniter1885-34Al.Be.Ro (IT)
3CAPS FLORA ATWOOD AD-ETSolomon x Atwood x ShottleFlora Atwood Adeena1923773,91German Owned
4HUHNE CREMONABeemer x Atwood x SanchezFarnear-Tbr-Bh At Corona1920713,87Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
5COL BRYLANCrush x Mogul x MeridianOh-River-Syc Mogal Brylan21732473,84Genesland (DE)
6DUCHESS ANDRIETTA ARCHArchrival x Doorman x GoldwynButz-Butler Gold Barbara1931703,79Duchess Holsteins (NL)
7SIEPERMANN ADELEArchrival x Doorman x AtwoodMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1827-183,79Austrian Owned
8FLORA BEEMER ADALINE ETBeemer x Atwood x ShottleAmlaird Lee Alice1865363,78Flora Holsteins (ESP)
9ANISAArchrival x Doorman x AtwoodMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1777-353,77German Owned
10DG HULLCREST AIDA-ETSolomon x Mccutchen x AtwoodFlora Atwood Adele22213293,76BWN Holsteins (NL)
11HODEU000358974482Beemer x Doorman x AtwoodMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1927783,76German Owned
12FLORA BEEMER ADRIANA-ETBeemer x Atwood x ShottleAmlaird Lee Alice1800-323,76Flora Holsteins (ESP)
13ARGH BYWAY ANYA-ETByway x Mccutchen x AtwoodShottle Anya21042043,74ARGH Holsteins (NL)
14PEREIRA ARCHRIVAL M M ARIANNAArchrival x Doorman x AtwoodMs Kingstead Chief Adeen1925543,74Portugalia Owned
15COL DG BRYLINCrush x Mogul x MeridianOh-River-Syc Mogal Brylan23424023,72Genesland (DE)
16MADONA DU BOIS DU PINSMonterey x Enforcer x TimeMadona23994983,71Diamond Genetics France
17HEATHERLEIGH DOORMAN ARMANA-E RCDoorman x Numero Uno x Regiment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red23483993,71PrimeVal Holsteins (NL)
18TOC-FARM JACOBY KRISTELJacoby x Kingboy x Numero UnoToc-Farm Allen Amyly22203453,7Toc-Farm Holsteins (IT)
19SEANACOURT S1488 ABRAKAZOOS-EDoorman x Goldwyn x DundeeKingsway Progress Ashley21352003,7Irish Owned
20AMERICAN CUPCAKE 4Doorman x Atwood x ShottleRalma Christmas Cookie22063303,67van Herpen (NL)
21POSAL BAILY CHEN OLIMPIABaily Chen x Bolton x MillionPosal Goldwyn Olimpia20371603,67Posal Farms (IT)
22OLZA AL MILLENNIUM LA HABANAMillennium x Meridian x AtwoodDelaberge Durham Lucille21662863,66Olza Holsteins (IT)
23MILLEHOTMillennium x Dempsey x XacobeoCherrygirl21532473,66French Owned
24PETO-ELOY FROSTA 6 SOLOMON ETSolomonHOESP06030708635320441483,64Peto (ES)
25LITTLEBRIDGE SOLOMON FLO-ETSolomon x Atwood x ShottleHolmland Storm Flo Pi19601013,62Littlebridge Holsteins (UK)


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