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USA | Top 30 R&W PTAT females - 04/19

April 2019
1LB Andorra RedJordy-Red x Doorman x Regiment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red19643,713,023,09La Brasserie Holstein (FR)
2Jordy DesireJordy-Red x Destry *RC x Advent-RedBudjon Redmarker Desire18483,562,532,96JK Eder Holsteins (NL)
3Lakeside Ups Abbey-RedJordy-Red x Defiant *RC x Talent *RCTri-Day Ashlyn17983,552,711,94Tanazzano (IT)
4Blondin Avalanche RoxanneAvalanche *RC x Kingboy x Numero UnoKHW Regiment Apple-Red23333,553,682,39Aebischer (CH)
5Nohl Deeka-RedJordy-Red x Atwood x ShottleKHW Regiment Apple-Red19913,482,572,61S. Kipfer (CH)
6Ms Danica-RedStronger *RC x Kingboy x DamionKHW Regiment Apple-Red23033,433,452,16German Owned
7SHG Avalanche Lucky Girl RedAvalanche *RC x Doorman x Gold ChipRockymountain Talent Licorice20393,422,812,01SHG-Breeding (DK)
8Olza Jordy Lipstick RedJordy-Red x Armani *RC x AtwoodRineta Stormatic Lucilla19283,393,082,46Alberto Locatelli (IT)
9Rüben Apple Pie RedUnstopabull-Red x Byway x AtwoodKHW Regiment Apple-Red20913,353,332,4Toi Toi Genetics & partners (UK)
10Lakeside Ups Aaralyn-RedJordy-Red x Defiant *RC x Talent *RCTri-Day Ashlyn16383,312,342,61van Wijhe (NL)
11Fuma Jordy Imperial RedJordy-Red x Kingboy x Ladd P RedRegancrest Shottle Ili20583,32,541,82Fuma Holsteins (IT)
12HH Jordy Jolie RedJordy-Red x Doorman x Gold ChipRockymountain Talent Licorice18903,292,722,31German Owned
13Veenhuizer JT Red RoseAwesome-Red x Ladd P x ShottleScientific Debutante Rae17693,273,810,82Veenhuizer Holsteins & J. Tijhuis (NL)
14Ms Jordy Shiny-RedJordy-Red x Ladd P Red x RedmanBlondin Redman Seisme3,2Panda Holsteins & partners (UK)
15Cirio Agricola O'Karin-RedArmy *RC x Awesome-Red x SidDecrausaz Iron O'Kalibra18213,173,621,42Cirio Agricola (IT)
16Wiltor Diamondback Jodie RedDiamondback *RC x Integral *RC x Sterling *RCSterndale Talent Jodie20413,153,221,78Wiltor Holsteins (UK)
17LB Allie RedJordy-Red x Atwood x Talent *RCKHW Regiment Apple-Red19553,132,52,46GAEC de la Neretz/ EARL des P'tites Normandes (FR)
18Panda Elena Fools Gold RedEmilio x Brokaw x AlexanderStoneden Fools Gold Red19743,122,191,93Panda Holsteins (UK)
19Auchensala Avalanche Liqueur RedAvalanche *RC x Destry *RC x Talent *RCRockymountain Talent Licorice19633,112,361,06Panda Holsteins (UK)
20Mox Jordy Attitude P RedJordy-Red x Addiction P Red x Gold ChipKHW Regiment Apple-Red19403,053,151,87Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
21Logan Diamond B Jodie RedDiamondback *RC x Integral *RC x Sterling *RCSterndale Talent Jodie20863,032,592,37Logan Holsteins (UK)
22Panda Elite Fools Gold RedEmilio x Brokaw x AlexanderStoneden Fools Gold Red20883,022,811,84Panda Holsteins (UK)
23Panda Eleanors Storm Of GoldEmilio x Brokaw x AlexanderStoneden Fools Gold Red20063,012,331,25Panda Holsteins (UK)
24TJ AlaskaDiamondback *RC x Redburst-Red x Advent-RedLuck-E Redburst Aphrodite20382,952,541,99Löhmoller & Melbaum (DE)
25Ms  Damascus-RedUnstopabull-Red x Kingboy x DamionKHW Regiment Apple-Red22572,932,842,16German Owned
26Ms Farnear Adler Arvis ArgoviaArvis *RC x Mccutchen x Destry *RCFarnear-Tbr Aria Adler21172,922,991,56Stocker (CH)
27Panda Exceptional Fools Gold RedEmilio x Brokaw x AlexanderStoneden Fools Gold Red19362,922,061,49Panda Holsteins (UK)
28Jordy AlinaJordy-Red x Ladd P Red x Talent *RCKHW Regiment Apple-Red20812,912,642,08Scholten (NL)
29Golden-Oaks Ivanka RedJordy-Red x Absolute-Red x Reality-RedPampr-Acres AB Ivy-Red18392,812,262,56D. Taylor (UK)
30Bravia RedDurango *RC x Colt P Red x AlexanderRegancrest Mb Breyell21382,762,781,89French Owned


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