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USA | Top 25 RED CARRIER PTAT females - 04/19

April 2019
1Ms Kd DassaniKing Doc x Byway x DamionKHW Regiment Apple-Red21254,173,192Phillippe Arnold (LUX)
2Panda Tacktik AtlantaTatoo x Mcgucci *RC x Destry *RCKHW Regiment Apple-Red21474,153,482,46Willsbro Holsteins (UK)
3LB Alice *RCJordy-Red x Doorman x Regiment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red19504,133,272,71Hullcrest Holsteins, K. Rutten, A. Blaauw (NL)
4Ups K&L Adeena *RCJordy-Red x Archrival x DoormanMs Kingstead Chief Adeen19313,9532,45BWN Holsteins (NL)
5De Doore Jordy LauriJordy-Red x Solomon x DamionComestar Lau Damion19443,862,512,47De Dorre Holsteins (NL)
6B&S Jordy Alexis *RCJordy-Red x Archrival x DoormanMs Kingstead Chief Adeen19683,742,942,53DDS Holsteins (FR)
7Heatherleigh Doorman Armana-EDoorman x Numero Uno x Regiment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red23483,7131,91Heatherleigh Holsteins (UK)
8De Dorre Jordy Laurie 2Jordy-Red x Solomon x DamionComestar Lau Damion19703,662,442,35De Dorre Holsteins (NL)
9RZN Jordy AbigailJordy-Red x Archrival x DoormanMs Kingstead Chief Adeen19983,663,092,44German Owned
10All Cast Jordyred Europa RCJordy-Red x Awesome-Red x Destry *RCFradon Rudolph Jodie17063,612,912,32Il Castagno, A. Locatelli, Q. Serrabassa & Triangle Holstein (IT)
11LB Arya *RCJordy-Red x Atwood x Talent *RCKHW Regiment Apple-Red18303,572,682,64La Brasserie Holstein (FR)
12Hmo AngelKing Doc x Byway x DamionKHW Regiment Apple-Red22793,53,361,67German Owned
13Al.Ce Diamond Sequoia-ETDiamondback *RC x Atwood x MacFustead Oman Samantha21423,52,862,08Al.Ce Holsteins (IT)
14RZN Jordy AriannaJordy-Red x Archrival x DoormanMs Kingstead Chief Adeen19183,462,682,58RZN Holsteins (DE)
15Garay BeautyMccutchen x Goldwyn x SanchezWillowhaven Goldwyn Bliss20893,442,691,28German Owned
16Pat Atlantic Apple AmeliBeemer x Ladd P x Regiment-RedKHW Regiment Apple-Red19653,412,572,4Atlantic Genetics (PT)
17MS KD Damali 2 *RCKing Doc x Byway x DamionKHW Regiment Apple-Red22083,383,032,1Phillipp Rueben (DE)
18DamaliKing Doc x Byway x DamionKHW Regiment Apple-Red20953,382,882,18German Owned
19De Belhoeve DarliyaDefiant *RC x Doorman x Gold ChipJK Eder Darling 219943,372,281,71Graumans (NL)
20NM 71666Doorman x Contender x Advent-RedLuck-E Advent Atlanta19813,373,041,58NM (DE)
21HODEU000359236775Hypnotic *RC x Kingboy x Numero UnoMs Apples Aria21243,372,992,13German Owned
22Ms DelawareUnstopabull x Kingboy x DamionKHW Regiment Apple-Red22533,323,132,27German Owned
23Chorusic Doc Fanaticka 6 ETKing Doc x Golden DreamsCzech family22413,293,331,91Czech Owned
24Holec JokiKingboy x Ladd P x JotanLavender Ruby Redrose22663,282,961,83Holec Holsteins (NL)
25Lakeside Ups SologirlSolomon x Defiant *RC x Talent *RCTri-Day Ashlyn18533,272,161,15Upstream Holsteins (NL)


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