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USA | Top 25 PTAT females - 05/19

May 2019
1ALL CAST CRUSHTIME FANCY      Crushtime x Solomon x BrokawFantastica1923134,2Italian Owned
2CHORUSIC SOLOMON KOBA 1 ET    Solomon x Atwood x JasperBons-Holsteins Koba 1911929204,18Chorusic Holsteins (CZE)
3HODEU000361182527King Doc x Byway x Damion       KHW Regiment Apple-Red21102144,12German Owned
4GPH ARTIST GAJA               Artist x Beemer x AtwoodGalys-Vray20151304,08GPH Holsteins (LUX)
5HOFRA006771334106Undenied x Archrival x GoldwynBrabantdale Triumphant Spooky1937664,04French Owned
6HODEU000540484827King Doc x Byway x DamionKHW Regiment Apple-Red22332833,96German Owned
7HOFRA006771334133King Doc x Archrival x GoldwynBrabantdale Triumphant Spooky22323183,95French Owned
8PRISMAGEN A-KLASSE            Undenied x Beemer x DoormanMs Kingstead Chief Adeen20341683,94PrismaGen (DE)
9HODEU000540813811King Doc x Beemer x DoormanEastside Lewisdale Gold Missy24034683,92German Owned
10AL.CE DOC SAHARA              King Doc x Doorman x AtwoodSher-Est Prelude Sweet23434013,92Italian Owned
11SABBIONA STARLIGHT            King Doc x Beemer x AtwoodThiersant Lili Starbuck22193263,82Italian Owned
12CCC ARTIST SUNLIGHT           Artist x Byway x CommanderWalnutlawn Mccutchen Summer21372583,78Canadian Cattle Club (DE)
13HOFRA006771334115King Doc x Archrival x GoldwynBrabantdale Triumphant Spooky21282513,76French Owned
14620 TWENTE DAIRIES JACOBY LAD Jacoby x AtwoodHONLD0008401308131789-573,71Twente Dairies (NL)
15HOGBR742952602133Unstopabull-Red x Atwood x ShottleKHW Regiment Apple-Red20721893,7British Owned
16K2 KATERINA DOC 3749          King Doc x Abbott x DoormanPirolo O-Man Stupenda24915843,68Hungarian Owned
17HOFRA006771334105Ammo P *RC x Diamondback *RC x AtwoodFarnear-Tbr-Bh At Corona21031793,67French Owned
18SABBIONA MICHELLE             King Doc x Doorman x AtwoodSabbiona Matrona24445063,64Sabbiona Holsteins (IT)
19AL.CE DOC SWEETIE             King Doc x Doorman x AtwoodAl.Ce Atwood Samuela24115013,63Al.Ce Holsteins (IT)
20HODEU000540749609King Doc x Beemer x DoormanEastside Lewisdale Gold Missy22453143,62German Owned
21FLORA DENVER ADRENALINA       Denver x Beemer x AtwoodFlora Atwood Adeena20121853,62Flora Holsteins (ESP)
22BALAZEIRO DOC 1684            King DocHOPRT00001801631421963003,59Portugalia Owned
23HOITA098990652564Gold Chip x Bradnick x PlanetMolino Anima19341303,59Italian Owned
24SABBIONA ADELAIDE             King Doc x Doorman x AtwoodSabbiona Molly23734473,55Sabbiona Holsteins (IT)
25HOFRA005025590626King Doc x Yorick x Xacobeo       Twinuzie22643713,55Ferme Lorygenes (FR)


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