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USA | Top 25 PTAT females - 06/19

June 2019
1K L KD WILMAKing Doc x Solomon x BrokawVision-Gen Snz Whip24334414.43K&L (NL)
2NH ARTIST BARBADOSArtist x Archrival x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara20451124.22Nosbisch Holsteins (DE)
3MATTENHOF DENVER GRENADINEDenver x Solomon x AtwoodGalys-Vray20931794.09Mattenhof Holsteins (CH)
4BUITENEIND EMERAUDE 10Undenied x Doorman x GoldwynCarf Emeraude21371914.07Buiteneind Holsteins (NL)
5BUITENEIND EMERAUDE 6Undenied x Doorman x GoldwynCarf Emeraude20011164.06Buiteneind Holsteins (NL)
6HOITA034991125919Sidekick x Atwood x SanchezSanchez Hildegar1895-53.84Italian owned
7K L KD WONDERKing Doc x Solomon x BrokawVision-Gen Snz Whip22653623.81K&L (NL)
8SABBIONA NORMAUndenied x McCutchen x AtwoodTri-Day Ashlyn19881123.8Sabbiona Holsteins (IT)
9SABBIONA PEPITAUndenied x Expander x BradnickTri-Day Ashlyn19461033.8Sabbiona Holsteins (IT)
10NH ARTIST BALLERINAArtist x Archrival x DoormanButz-Butler Gold Barbara19851043.71Nosbisch Holsteins (DE)
11S J K 1414 REDJordy-Red x Defiant *RC x AtwoodAtwood Afrika1754-983.66SJK Holsteins (NL)
12SABBIONA ALOYSAUndenied x Byway x DoormanSabbiona Adrianna20542063.64Sabbiona Holsteins (IT)
13HOITA034991125939Atwood x McCutchen x LauthorityGo-Farm Malika20471873.62Italian owned
14ROTA DOC GINEVRAKing Doc x Beemer x BradnickRota Giorgia24004973.59Italian owned
15MS CHANCEL KINGBOY CHANTALKingboy x Numero Uno x ShottleRegancrest S Chassity24434753.57Bühlmann (CH)
16FUTURE DREAM JASMIJNDelta-Lambda x Airlift x DamionMorsan Damion Joy21812993.49Future Dream Holsteins (NL)
17HOITA034991125938Atwood x McCutchen x LauthorityGo-Farm Malika20941773.48Italian owned
18HODEU000123231357Delight x AltaRoble x GraniniMaifeuer1807-323.48German owned
19ANILA XF APPLICAB DIVINITY EApplicable x Monterey x UnixOcd Planet Diamond26486833.45Spanish owned
20BADIOLA UNDENIED KUKUTAUndeniedHOESP0603076717411923853.44Badiola Holsteins (ESP)
21HOITA034991094297King Doc x Atwood x SanchezSnow-N Denises Dellia21242153.43Italian owned
22POSAL ATWOOD SAMMAAtwood x September Storm x DamionPosal Damion Samma186453.43Posal Farms (IT)
23POSAL DENVER MELBADenver x Mascalese x AtwoodPosal Atwood Melba20562193.41Posal Farms (IT)
24BADIOLA DENVER SERENADenverHOESP06030751444519431073.39Badiola Holsteins (ESP)
25DG JK EDER SOLOMON EXCELLENCESolomon x Atwood x DoormanCarf Emeraude20731903.37von Felten (CH)


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