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USA | Top 50 NM$ Cows (>2 years) - 08/19

August 2019
1HOGBR706042504318Spectre x Altaspring x LatimerMs Delicious Latenight27399681.83UK Owned
2KOEPON TOPSHOT RUBY 5-ETAltatopshot x Rubicon x JabirKoepon Regenia27139660.86Koepon Genetics (NL)
3ALL.NURE RUBICON BALOU LOU ETRubicon x Balisto x EpicGilette Garrett Lookas27599352.38Al.Be.Ro (IT)
4CROSSFELL RUBICON MILLA-ETRubicon x Supersire x SnowmanRamos Camille27439282.15Peak Genetics (NL)
5DG OH DANIELLAAltatopshot x Rubicon x Aikman *RCTelgter Aikman Doreen26939131.59De Oosterhof & Diamond Genetics (NL)
6CROSSFELL RUBICON CAMILLA-ETRubicon x Supersire x SnowmanZandenburg Snowman Camilla26429031.44Crossfell (UK)
7A-L-H SOLERO-ETDelta x Supersire x Numero UnoMs Dreary Delorean26838932.38A-L-H Genetics (NL)
8NO-PE YODER ELENA-ETYoder x Supersire x SuperMorningview Shottle Madilyn25658900.87Zooservis a.s. (CZE)
9KOEPON TOPSHOT RUBY 6-ETAltatopshot x Rubicon x JabirKoepon Regenia26908871.79Koepon Genetics (NL)
10VILMA 51408Denver x Supersire x ForkVilma's26488841.85Milkmen (HUN)
11KOEPON TOPSHOT RUBY 7-ETSAltatopshot x Rubicon x JabirKoepon Regenia26868831.8Koepon Genetics (NL)
12KOEPON DUKE GENUA 40Duke x Kingboy x AltaembassyKoepon Genua26458681.79Koepon Genetics (NL)
13HOGBR706042704313Spectre x Altaspring x LatimerMs Delicious Latenight26138671.66UK Owned
14CNN DELTA SHARROWDelta x Shan x RobustSeagull-Bay Mis Universe25598671.23Cirio Agricola - GPlus (IT)
15KOEPON RUBY-ANNRubicon x Jabir x BookemKoepon Col Regenia26468651.95Koepon Genetics (NL)
16HACKETT DELTA CECILIA-ETDelta x Day x PlanetLarcrest Comet26248652.03Hackett (UK)
17MBGatedancer x Commander x SupersirePine-Tree Sharla Daphne26698641.97German Owned
18COL DG LEILAGatedancer x Supersire x RussellWelcome Russell Lisbeth25578641.13Genesland (DE)
19HUL-STEIN SWEET RUBYRubicon x Supersire x ShamrockAll.Nure Baxter Silvy25668621.6Rijnhof Holsteins (NL)
20GLAMOUR VERONA CARLIN C ETVerona x Supershot x Numero UnoLarcrest Comet26768611.28Boghill / Glamour (UK)
21WILLSBRO RUBICON EMILYANNRubicon x Numero Uno x Gold ChipGold Chip Emilyann26498612.27Willsbro (UK)
22CROSSFELL RUBICON CAMILLE-ETRubicon x Supersire x SnowmanZandenburg Super Camilla26038591.34Crossfell (UK)
23HULSTEIN SWEET RUBIERubicon x Supersire x ShamrockAll.Nure Baxter Silvy25218541.06UK Owned
24PEAK DOLL-ETAltaRobson x Montross x DayFour-Cal Day Darby26638531.56Peak Genetics (NL)
25HOGBR706042204315Burley x Josuper x Numero UnoLarcrest Cardigan26148521.24UK Owned
26FRATI RUBICONRubicon x Numero Uno x PlanetFrati Planet26718512.13Frati Holsteins (IT)
27MAYONNAISEYoder x Donatello x Man-O-ManJenniton Bolton Rowena26038501.06French Owned
28DG EMILIEEugenio x Montross x SupersireDG Albero Elise26058481.67Diamond Genetics (NL)
29CNN HI-LITE-ETDelta x Supersire x Man-O-ManCookiecutter Mom Halo26438472.3Peak Genetics (NL)
30A-L-H DELTA HELANIA-ETDelta x Supersire x Man-O-ManCookiecutter Mom Halo26278472.07A-L-H Genetics (NL)
31A-L-H SHERLOCK-ETDelta x Supersire x Numero UnoMs Dreary Delorean25868461.8A-L-H Genetics (NL)
32DG HS NADJAJedi x Supershot x Numero UnoTir-An Uno Nelina26308451.44Hul-Stein & Diamond Genetics (NL)
33BROEKS DEMO-ETModesty x Supershot x MauriceDe-Su 106125348450.67Broekhuis Vee (NL)
34A-L-H YASMIR-ETHelix x Yoder x SupersireMiller-Ff Ssire Exotic26328442.1A-L-H Genetics (NL)
35SAPHIR ET PFRubicon x Balisto x EpicGin Sina26398421.54German Owned
36ALL.NURE RUBICON (1778)Rubicon x Balisto x EpicGilette Garrett Lookas25768421.4Al.Be.Ro (IT)
37HOGBR949027110007FireFly x Supershot x Numero UnoLarcrest Carlin25688420.74UK Owned
38SHA GRUMETIRubicon x Balisto x Numero UnoGeorgina26258411.54Sächsische Holsteins Auligk (DE)
39PG MISS SWEDENYoder x Shan x RobustSeagull-Bay Mis Universe25968412.16Genesland (DE)
40LUIS-OOH DELTA-HAVE 2422Delta x Supersire x Man-O-ManCookiecutter Mom Halo25628371.55Italian Owned
41HH RUB MERRYRubicon x Supersire x GoldwynCaps Mairy25918341.71Hazenpad Holsteins (BE)
42KOEPON SALV CLASSY 364-ETSalvatore *RC x Silver x Man-O-ManKoepon Classy26368321.95Koepon Genetics (NL)
43DG DV CHRISTELJosuper x Mogul x ObserverLarcrest Cale25158301.26De Volmer & Diamond Genetics (NL)
44HODEU000666766100Draco x Supersire x SnowmanAnderstrup Ramos Camil25628291.41German Owned
45HULSTEIN SWEET RUBIRubicon x Supersire x ShamrockAll.Nure Baxter Silvy25608291.64UK Owned
46WILDER DECADERubicon x Cashcoin x Numero UnoRegan-Alh Blvr Divina25208290.93Wilder Holsteins (DE)
47CINDERELLARubicon x Supersire x BookemGiessen Cinderella 2025778281.36J. van Soelen (NL)
48A-L-H MODESTDelta x Bookem x ShottleS-S-I Bookem Modesto26848262.18De Rith Holsteins (NL)
49HOGBR949027108526Hurricane x Silver x Numero UnoLarcrest Carlin26688262.42UK Owned
50HOGBR706042404289Raiden x Racer x MasseyWa-Del Massey Belinda26158261.56Uk Owned


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