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USA | Top 25 *RC GTPI females - 08/19

August 2019
1HOFRA002236463334Rio x Granite x DeltaRi-Val-Re Delta Wing-P27429052.27French Owned
2Boghill Glamour Argo SS Carlin DArgo *RC x Supershot x Numero UnoLarcrest Carlin27089131.78Boghill / Glamour (UK)
3Wilder SanscheinImax x Profit x Brekem *RCMassia Sneeuwwitje26878382.41Wilder Holsteins (DE)
4Tgd-Holstein Aloina-ETSkywalker x Salvatore *RC x PenmanshipWestcoast Penman Aria26858362.00TGD-Holstein (CH)
5Tgd-Holstein Ana-ETSkywalker x Salvatore *RC x PenmanshipWestcoast Penman Aria26567732.21TGD-Holstein (CH)
6Hokovit Charl Lady Power 2Charl x Modesty x SupershotKNS Flicka *RC26548831.47Hokovit Genetics (CH)
7Donna ETApprentice *RC x Monterey x UnixOcd Planet Diamond26537952.65German Owned
8Koepon Altuve Sanne 17-ETAltaAltuve x Delta x CashcoinDymentholm Sunview Sunday26458532.02Koepon Genetics (NL)
9Kns Florida-PAchiever x Modesty x SupershotKNS Fantastic-P *RC26329290.65KNS Holsteins (DE)
10Anibal Argo Rose ETArgo *RC x Rubicon x Aikman *RCDe Oosterhof DG Rose26318022.09Spanish Owned
11Dg BrilliantResolve x Delta x SupersireCalbrett Supersire Barb26288302.03Diamond Genetics (NL)
12Elitestreet Sophia Spirit ApprenticeApprentice *RC x Delta x Sympatico *RCSnowbiz Sympatico Sofia26178062.01Elitestreet Genetics (UK)
13NataliaSpark Red x Eclair x Big PointLim Belladonna26168021.82German Owned
14Dg Oh Dolce RCCharl x Rubicon x Aikman *RCTelgter Aikman Doreen26168521.58De Oosterhof & Diamond Genetics (NL)
15Tgd-Holstein Anabela-ETNoble x Salvatore *RC x PenmanshipWestcoast Penman Aria26118051.81TGD-Holstein (CH)
16Mayerlane DakotaApprentice *RC x Denver x Sympatico *RCMilksource D Devils Red26087801.99German Owned
17Dg BambiPizazz x Delta x SupersireCalbrett Supersire Barb26078611.54Diamond Genetics (NL)
18Sfh Alina-ETResolve x Battlecry x JaceyJK Eder Aluette26067611.35German Owned
19HODEU000540469676Apprentice *RC x Rubicon x Sympatico *RCSnowbiz Sympatico Shyla26057951.82German Owned
20HOFRA004929370080Santorius x Pat-Red x CommanderGdv Lesly26057242.31French Owned
21Mega HghDelta x Long P *RC x ShamrockLadys-Manor RD Gracious26048151.76French Owned
22A-L-H AdaJedi x Alchemy *RC x DurhamKHW Alchemy Adeline-Red26037522.05A-L-H Genetics (NL)
23TGD-Holstein Successor Bambi SGSuccessor x Advice x Numero UnoDes-Y-Gen Planet Silk26027991.57TGD-Holstein (CH)
24Wilder KareenCharl x Salvatore *RC x Brekem *RCWilder K25 Red26027862.38Wilder Holsteins (DE)
25HOFRA004929370078Santorius x Pat-Red x CommanderGdv Lesly25997312.17French Owned
26Topspeed Serena Rdc-ETEmperor *RC x Delta x CashcoinMs Sunview Coin Sunglow25998081.76Topspeed (NL)


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