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USA | Top 25 GTPI females - 03/23

March 2023
1HOGBR582924207013Media x Fortnite x CharlAnderstrup DG Calico314411631.18Denovo UK
2SOMADAS CAPTAIN QUEEN ETCaptain x Milford x RenegadeLarcrest Cosmopolitan313411851.13Somadas Holsteins (ES)
3HOGBR582924607017Media x Fortnite x CharlAnderstrup DG Calico311011580.98Denovo UK
4DG CHEYParfect x Mitchell x ClassicLarcrest Cosmopolitan30879682.19Diamond Genetics (NL)
5COGENT LAWLER RHONDALawler x Captain x YoloFairmont Tuffenuff Ridge308211211.33Cogent (UK)
6TAMARISParfect x AltaZazzle x GaridoSirene30809082.30France Owned
7ENCANTO PARFECT 0887Parfect x Captain x RubiconGolden-Oaks Mark Prudence30789622.22Portugal Owned
8CRISTELLA VALDENA ETFrost Bite x Captain x SolutionCristella Loretta307712050.71Cristella Holsteins (IT)
9SOMADAS COP BLACK ETCaptain x AltaZazzle x CrimsonGlamour Carlin307611531.07Somadas Holsteins (ES)
10362Captain x Invictus x JediVilma307410391.77Milkmen Ltd.
11NO-PE UPSWIG ELIZABETHCaptain x Helix x King DocUfm-Dubs Sam Erin306710791.54Czech Owned
12CRISTELLA TIMIDA ETHolysmokes x Captain x SolutionCristella Loretta306310631.17Cristella Holsteins (IT)
13CRISTELLA VADENAMookie x Captain x SolutionCristella Loretta305910371.61Cristella Holsteins (IT)
14BALAZEIRO GAMEDAY 2084Gameday x Captain x DoctorSully Shottle May305910361.94Portugal Owned
15TURBINEParfect x AltaZazzle x GaridoSirene305410101.64France Owned
16HOGBR124702407760Media x Heroic x SkywalkerGlamour Carlin305211641.03UK Owned
17SOMADAS ALANZO ANNA ETAltaAlanzo x Heroic x YodaGlamour Carlin305010031.74Somadas Holsteins (ES)
18TIRAMISUAltaPowerbuck x Excuse x RivetingLarcrest Cosmopolitan304910421.23France Owned
19TOXINE ENTAltaPowerbuck x AltaZazzle x ChallengerWesswood-HC Rudy Missy304910251.36France Owned
20HOGBR582935717666Rainow x Captain x SassafrasGlamour Carlin304311410.82UK Owned
21COGENT FLOSSYAltaAlanzo x Captain x SassafrasGlamour Carlin304310251.65Cogent (UK)
22CRISTELLA VAIVIA ETFrost Bite x Captain x SolutionCristella Loretta304311080.69Cristella Holsteins (IT)
23SOMADAS COP CARLINA ETCaptain x AltaZazzle x CrimsonGlamour Carlin303910940.77Somadas Holsteins (ES)
24CRISTELLA VALANCE ETBeethoven x Captain x RivetingArt-Acres Mar Kay 721303210411.09Cristella Holsteins (IT)
25HODEU001406748131AltaAlanzo x Miami x RenegadeRC-LC Goldwyn ATM303010601.33German Owned


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