€ 175 Embryos from the fantastic RED CARRIER DELTA dtr SAFFIER!

DG HS Schreur Saffier *RC VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr. is a beautiful and unique RED CARRIER 2nd calf daughter of the former #1 daughter proven TPI sire in the breed: Mr. Mogul DELTA!! Goes back on Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk *RC EX-90-USA, who sold for $ 1.000.000 and is dam to Sympatico *RC @ Semex and from the same line as Salvatore *RC! FEMALE DOBLE *RC (GLPI +3511 / Conf. +11) and MIRAND PP *RC (A2A2 / Conf. +14) embryos are selling from this great cow in the Eurogenes 24/7 Embryo Webshop! Click further for more pictures of this great cow!



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FEMALE DG OH Doble *RC x DG OH SAFFIER *RC  -  Click here 
One of the leading RC bulls in the breed, GLPI +3511 / Conf. +11 with >2700 GTPI!
Great opportunity to make R&W calves from this unique RC Delta dtr!
€ 175 / embryo

Coomboona Zipit MIRAND PP RC x DG OH SAFFIER *RC   -  Click here 
Make RED & POLLED progeny from the incredible SPLENDOR cow family
€ 175 / embryo


Pictures of SAFFIER in her 2nd lactation


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