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29 May 2015 One of the most popular and very best RED & POLLED cows in the breed has embryos available: RZH Brescia-Red *P! She was sold as a calf for EUR 55.000, was Jr. Champion at the Show in Beilen, has sons in AI and looks beautiful! She has embryos available with the #1 RED & POLLED bull, Apoll P which fits perfectly on Brescia. They sell as Lot 1 in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale, this combination makes 100% red calves, 75% of the calves will be polled from which 1/3rd Homozygous Polled!    Read More

29 May 2015 Holbra Morty Petra has passed the 100.000 kg milk level at an age of 12 years old! She is still in a great shape and working on a higher lifetime production. Morty Petra has been a very important cow in the herd of Holbra Holsteins, she scores EX-90 and won shows, but most important, she is a great brood cow as well. Her Oman-daughter Oman Paula delivered the influantial Holbra Bolton Paulona VG-87 2yr., dam to Snowman Sana, dam of the #1 bull in Italy Rodanas and more!    Read More

29 May 2015 The highest Planet son on the bull map of Semex is delivered by Anderstrup Holsteins from Denmark, Anderstrup Jutland. He is a Planet x Shottle x Hesne x Winchester from the Caernarvon Cleitus Jean cow family. Jutland has 158 daughters in his proof and transmits high milk yield (+1230), with super fitness traits, PL +5,2 SCS 2,81, DPR +0.9 resulting in a TPI index of TPI +2168!    Read More

29 May 2015 2 of the key investments made by Rijnhof Holsteins (in partnership with Diamond Genetics) has turned out to be great investments so far, the transmitting results of BTS-Avea Red VG-87-NL 2yr. and Tir-An N.U. Nyala are incredible. Avea delivered huge sons and daughters like the #4 R&W GTPI bull in the breed Aviator and the #11 R&W RZG bull Alphaman. 3 daughters of Avea are in Rijnhof's flush program which include the #4 R&W GTPI heifer in Europe combined with RZG 147, a Red Carrier dtr of the #1 TPI sire Supersire and the #1 Fageno dtr for GTPI. Also Nyala's legacy is increasing through multiple daughters which are going to be in the breeding program soon including a >2400 GTPI / RZG 162 Balisto dtr, a GTPI +2504 Red Carrier Olympian (#2 RC in Europe), a GTPI +2580 / PTAT +3.08 Kingboy and the first polled Powerball dtrs of Nyala are getting indexes in the upcoming runs.    Read More

29 May 2015 Today is the final day of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. Embryo are selling in all different prices ranges and out of the best donors from North-America and Europe. Pick your favorite combination for the next generation high ranking offspring for GTPI, RZG, POLLED, RED or the next winner in the SHOW ring!   Read More

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