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31 October 2014 Today is the final day of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale. Several interesting sexed combinations, show type and high indexing combinations are selling in all different priceranges. Click further for the complete catalogue.   Read More

30 October 2014 The classifier made All.Nure Baxter Silvy EXCELLENT after a year milking in her 2nd lactation. Silvy (owned by JK Eder Holsteins and Diamond Genetics) is the former #1 GTPI cow in Europe and comes from the American Morningview Converse Judy cow family. Silvy has been a tremendous brood cow with especially her Bookem dtr JK Eder DG Bookem Silly VG-85 2yr. being in the spotlights, she is the #19 GTPI cow in Europe right now and had a son testing over 2500 GTPI selling for EUR 44.000 and is dam to the #1 GTPI Sundance (GTPi +2462) and #1 GTPI Tango in Europe with GTPI +2521!   Read More

30 October 2014 Fradon Delicious is the newest addition to the Scholten Dairies show team. She won 4 Jr. Championships in Germany already and is getting ready now for the National HHH-show in the Netherlands in December. Delcious is a Goldwyn daughter from 3 generations Excellent cows, her dam is an EX-90 Durham dtr from Canada at Fradon Holsteins followed by MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94-USA, full sister to the Royal Grand Champion Alicia EX-97 and foundation cow behind Atlee EX-92-USA, Atwood, Aftershock and the current #1 PTAT Type bull Mr Eclipse Atwood's Archrival (+4.84 PTAT)   Read More

30 October 2014 The well-known show diva’s Willemshoeve Rita 579 & Rita 670, owned by Willemshoeve Holsteins, recently classified EXCELLENT! Both Rita’s so far achieved EXCELLENT results in the show ring. Willemshoeve Rita 579 her carreer started in 2012 when she won the Champion 2-Yr. Old title at the National NRM Show. Rita 670 made her debut during the Dairy Fair in Marienwaerdt 2013 when she won the very first title of "Barones of Marienwaerdt”. Later that year she also captured the Champion 2-Yr. old title at the National HHH Show. Rita 670, by Cricket, even classified EX-91 this week!   Read More

28 October 2014 BB Mogul Memory from BB Holsteins and Diamond Genetics got it all. She is one of the very few members of the Kevrel Shottle May EX-93-USA cow family in Europe, she has almost 2400 GTPI and is flush age now. She has a tremendous allround index with high type numbers (+16 DGV Conf / PTAT +3.39)! Memory placed high on the local show in which she eared a nomination for the All Britain Calf Show.    Read More

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