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February 3, 2023 It's almost weekend and time for a brand new edition of the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale! Selling are Chrome (A2A2) embryos out of Ratliff Sambo Daphne EX-95-USA%, she is out of a EX-95-USA% Primetime daughter out of Huronia Centurion Veronica EX-97-USA%, Female Willows P Red embryos out of the Altitude-Red daughter from Pamprd-Acres AB Ivy-Red EX-94-USA, Female Gen Percival (+3114 GTPI / +1122 DWP$ / +4664 PFT) embryos out of Gen Alisa VG-86-NL VG-87-MS La1., parent avarage in these embryos: +2940 GTPI, Westcoast GD Blakely (+2992 GTPI / +2.87 PTAT) embryos out of Captivating daughter JB Toullec Salerne, Grade A Bender embryos out of Kedar Blooming Snickers EX-90-DE, Female Bullseye embryos out of the classwinner and Senior Champion Wintershow Etten-Leur: JK Eder Evalyn EX-91-NL EX-91-MS and more top Show, GTPI, NVI and RZG embryos! Click further for more info.   Read More

February 2, 2023 A great classification round at Lakeside/Upstream Holsteins last month! FG Alaska Maxima-Red is now FRESH in her 3rd lactation and raised her score to VG-85-NL with VG-89 for her great Mammary System! She is a great milkproduction cow produces at the moment >50kgM/ day! Her dam is the great Ladd P daughter FG Ladd Marryjoe P Red EX-90-DE, she is straight out of the Red&white cow in Germany with the longest victory list: RH Maxima EX-94-DE EX-95-MS. Talent daughter Maxima EX-94 was Reserve Senior Champion DHV-Show '17, 4x All-German '06, '07, '10 & '12, Grand Champion Thuringia Holstein Show '12 and many more! FG Alaska Maxima Red is from the same family as FG Metallica P Red VG-87-NL La2. and maternal sister to RH Maxima EX-92-DE, she was the Grand Champion Schau der Besten '17. Click further for more info.   Read More

February 2, 2023 An amazing Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale result: DG Dateline Beyonce! This Black & White AltaDateline daughter is straight out of MS DG Delta Bridgett EX-93-USA, the grand dam to the topranking RED CARRIER sire: DG DGF Boraz *RC @Ai-Total at +2858 GTPI and +2.00 PTAT! He is the #1 son in the breed from the phenomenal Aurora Mitchell EX-91-CAN! MS DG TM Delta Bridgett EX-93-USA is a Delta daughter out of Callbrett Supersire Barb VG-86-USA 2yr. going back through a VG-86-CAN 2yr.  Superstition to Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA and then going back on RF Outside Breeze EX-94-USA. DG Dateline Beyonce is fresh since September '22, recently pictured and looks great! She is dam to a Gameday daughter with a great index in Switzerland: +2674kgM with +0.16% Fat and +0.03% Protein, +1607 gISET and +133 ITP (Type) and she sells at the Swiss Genetics Top Sale '23! Click further for more info.   Read More

February 2, 2023 Diamond Genetics is looking for a breeding location for young stock, it concerns the rearing of heifers and bull calves from an age of approximately 3-4 weeks until they are one year old. Click further for more info.   Read More

January 31, 2023 Captain daughter DG Ceylin is the name who writes history! She is the #1 GTPI heifer in Europe at +3197 GTPI and the #1 heifer in the WORLD combining +3197 GTPI with +1.97 PTAT!! Her full sisters already came back last week with a US index: DG Ceyda scores +3095 GTPI and +1179 NM$ (#5 NM$ in Europe) and DG Caja scores +3091 GTPI with +1086 NM$ and +1.64 PTAT! These 3 very promising Captain daughters are out of the topranking AltaZazzle daughter: BG Zazzle C Carlin K, owned by Diamond Genetics and Cogent (UK), they have as 4th dam Glamour Carlin EX-92-UK 38* and are tracing back to Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87-USA GMD DOM. Back to the Captain daughters, DG Ceyda (A2A2) offers an unique profile with +1936kgM with +213 combined Fat + Protein, 1.4% SCE and +1,28 UDC. DG Caja (A2A2) has also a great profile with +1578 kgM with +184 combined Fat + Protein, a positive DPR, 1.9% SCE, sloped & wide rumps and a correct set of legs with +1.35 UDC! Click further for more info.   Read More

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