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January 18, 2017 One of the highest red & white Playball daughters in the German test system: DG Agnieska-Red has arrived at Batouwe Holsteins. Agnieska-Red has a tremendous index for type and components. She is one of the highest R&W type heifers with +130 RZE & +130 for udders and carries +0.47% fat & +0.10% PROTEIN in her index!! Her dam: Caps Angela 4-Red is fresh, looks good and is still one of the highest Fageno dtrs World Wide for RZG. She goes back the American former #1CTPI cow, Felder Den Barb Cindy EX-91-USA, among others brood cow behind Suran @ RBB.   Read More

January 18, 2017 Oosterbrook Abel Nadja 2 is one of the newest NVI top heifer in the Oosterbrook Holsteins herd. Nadja 2 scores +298 NVI, what makes her the #6 Abel daughter, combined with great fitness traits: +111 SCS, 104 fertility and +665 days for durability in her index. Nadja 2 goes back to Apina Nadja EX-90-NL, which was heavily contracted at CRV and is the former #1NVI cow in Holland!   Read More

January 17, 2017 Hullcrest Holsteins experienced a dream start in the ring of the Swiss Expo 2017 - a night before the show Gerrit Kerssies & Clementine Ottink found the heifer Bel Doorman Zita in the string of the Italian team from Beltramino (Bel Holsteins), they decided to buy her, the next they she became 1st in her class and won the Junior Championship! Zita is a Doorman from the EX-94 Goldwyn sister to the World Champion Toc-Farm Allen Amyly EX-95-IT.   Read More

January 17, 2017 One of the stars in the SHG Breeding Show group of this year: Stakkehave Mcc Happy has been pictured recently. She was 3 x Junior Champion at Regional- & National Shows in 2016, she has PTAT +3.18 and comes from one of the best Jr. Milking yearlings in the World Dairy Expo history: R-E-W Go Lucky EX-90-USA EX-MS, 3rd generation Excellent and from a Canadian cow family. Click further for her pictures.   Read More

January 16, 2017 Last year she was already one of the most favorite and most talked about young cows of the big shows: DH Gold Chip Darling! This year she looked once again incredible and took the Grand- & Supreme Championship home of the Swiss Expo 2017! Reserve Champion was for the well-known show cow: Du Bon Vent Inkapi, while her herdmate Pozosa Goldwyn Sonia won the HM. Grand Championship. Click further for complete results & pictures of the Swiss Expo 2017.   Read More

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December 2016
1DE VOLMER SABINE-ETJedi x Kingboy x Mogul2900
2TGD-HOLTSEIN JEDI CARRYSMA-ETJedi x Supershot x Headliner2900
3GALIVERTA MODESTY PERLAModesty x Mikkel x Headliner2835
4SHAVINGTON PLEASUREJedi x Supersire x Snowman2833
5PONDEROSA JEDI PROMISEJedi x Jacey x Epic2831
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