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27 May 2016 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale started today! The sale will run untill the 3rd of June through the auction website (click here). Some of the greatest embryo combinations are selling PA-TPI's almost up to 2700 GTPI!!, SHOW, RED and more! There is something for everybody with embryos starting at € 150,- per embryo.   Read More

27 May 2016 DKR Balison-ET owned by Drakkar Holsteins / Diamond Genetics France is the new official #1 ISU Heifer in France with +209 ISU! She is sired by Silver, has also a skyhigh GTPI of +2651 and is from one of the highest Chevrolet dtrs for GTPI, RZG & ISU: DRK Babylone. Babylone is on her turn a daughter of the former #1 RZG Cow in the breed, DKR Bayla VG-86-NL 2yr. Balison her maternal brother scores GTPI +2644 what makes him one of the highest bull World Wide without Supersire, Mogul or Robust in the pedigree. He will sell today during the Online Bull Sale which will start this afternoon at 03:00 PM (Dutch Time) through the website of   Read More

27 May 2016 One of the most famous show barns in Holland, Giessen Holsteins have 3 more Excellent cows in the herd. One of the newest Excellent members in the Giessen herd is Giessen Charity 59 (s. Atwood) who is now scored with EX-91-NL in 3rd lactation. Charity 59 is one of the cows which will participate at the European Championships in France. Other highlights of the day were: Giessen Cinderella 51 (s. Durham Ross) & Giessen Britany 11 (s. Lauthority) which both scored Excellent in 3rd lactation and Giessen Charity 65 (s. Gold Chip) with VG-89-NL in her 2nd lactation.   Read More

26 May 2016 Ashlyn Vray is one of the most favourite show cows for this year’s European Championships in Colmar! During the latest European Show, she won Res. Senior Champion and was just behind the current European Champion: Decrauzas O’Kalibra! Ashlyn Vray is now fresh for the 6th time and looks amazing! Click further to see the most current snapshot of her at Ponderosa Holsteins.   Read More

26 May 2016 Rusty 2-ET owned by Twin Genetics from the Meppelink family in Holland is fresh and classified with VG-85-NL 2yr. old! She is one of the highest producing Supersire daughters in Europe with GTPI +2515 and already known as a huge Genomic giant! Her daughters by Emerald & Spring belongs in the top ranking lists for GTPI, like Col Rustymarry which is a top 10 GTPI Female in Europe with GTPI +2728! Her full sister will sell in the European Classic Sale, the 8th of July in Krefeld, Germany. Go to for more info.   Read More

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