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2 March 2015 vBV Holsteins has done an interesting purchase with De Oosterhof Ami Sheen, she is the maternal sister to Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG-87-USA which is dam of Supersire, Platinum, Headliner, Shaw, Sargeant and more! 3rd dam is one of the most successful foundation cows in the pedigrees of top ranking bulls, Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92-USA! Also the cow behind bulls like Mogul, Sid, Balisto, Mardi Gras, Powerball, Monterey and more!   Read More

2 March 2015 Roylane Socra Robust is the #3 dtr proven TPI bull in the breed, Robust is dead and has never been available in Europe. A very exclusive daughter of him is CNN Miss Amerika VG-85-DE 2yr. from CNN Holsteins in Germany. She is from a VG-88 2yr. old Goldwyn dtr out of the famous American brood cow UFM-Dubs Eroy VG-87-USA 2yr.!    Read More

2 March 2015 SCL Dijs sold Dijs R Spicy as a 2yr. old to Ferme Morel from France. Spicy was Res. Int. Champion at the Challenge France 2014 and last week she won haar klasse (3rd lactation cow). Spicy is a Mitey P from an EX-91 Bolton out of the Willemshoeve Rita cow family.    Read More

2 March 2015 Sebastien Dion from Sunview Holsteins Canada purchased the topseller of the German Masters Sale 2014, NH-HS Baslito Marilyn Monroe for € 84.000. Marilyn Monroe is amongst the highest heifers in the breed in different systems. Click further to see a picture and Sebastien's comment.    Read More

27 February 2015 DG Aimee and Peak Breeshia 8310 are two of the current donors in the flush program of Hul-Stein, both have been pictured lately. Aimee is a GTPI +2374 Chevrolet from the Atlee cow family and Breeshia 8310 belongs to the highest flush age heifers in Europe with GTPI +2495 and DGV LPI +3505!!    Read More

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GTPI - Top 50 GTPI Heifers (< 9 Monts) (12/14)

December 2014
 NameSire StackGTPI
1EBA JOA-ETHalogen x Mogul x Superstition2814
2EBA JUSTINE-ETHalogen x Mogul x Superstition2719
3KOEPON HLG REGENIA 170Halogen x Mogul x Colby2589
4HEIDENSKIPSTER SPRSIRE SILVY-Supersire x Gerard x Shottle2588
5DG-1432Halogen x Mogul x Man-O-Man2585
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