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27 mars 2023 Last weekend was the greatest shows in Switzerland, the Expo Bulle 2023! The morning starts with the Red&White 2yr. olds, judge Yan Jacobs, named Künzi's Power Alina as 2yr. old CHAMPION! The Power-Red daughter became in the youngest class with R&W 2yr. olds 1st in her class. The R&W Reserve 2yr. old Champion title was for Güdel's Agent Wedding. After the R&W 2yr. old Championship entered the B&W 2yr. olds the showring. Yan Jacobs named S Bro Crushabull Eliz Champion 2yr. old at the Black&Whites. She is a Crushabull daughter straight out of GS Alliance Atwood Elina EX-93-CH! In the afternoon entered the R&W cows the showring, wereby Ptit Coeur Power Barbajolie won class 8, followed by the Udder Champion title and became R&W National Champion! At the B&W cows became O'Kaliber daughter Goya 1st in Class 12, followed by the Udder Champion title and the B&W National Champion title. Click further for more info.    En Lire Plus

24 mars 2023 The Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale is OPEN for bidding! The offering this week in the sale is amazing! Start your weekend right and bid last on the incredible lots selling! With for example Female Rompen-Red embryos out of the 1st place Lifetime Production Cow, World Dairy Expo 2022: Macland-HF Yoder Rachel EX-96-USA, Female Stantons Chief embryos out of HAD Black Jacky, the successfull showwinner and grand daughter to Rossiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-97-USA, Female Blondin Willows P-Red embryos out of RH Altitude Indy-Red, Female Blondin Tower-Red embryos out of RH MVN Tiffany *RC, the Moovin *RC daughter straight out of Arethusa Sid Tess EX-92-USA, Female StGen Doral-Red embryos out of Wilcor Attraction O'Kina-Red VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr., Female Farnear Delta-Lambda embryos out of RH Doorman Veronique and many great packages more! Click further for more info!   En Lire Plus

23 mars 2023 This weekend is one of the greatest show taking place in Switzerland with the Expo Bulle '23. Tomorrow at 10.30 a.m. (Swiss Time) starts the Fleckvieh Junior Show followed by the Fleckvieh Senior Show. At Saturday March the 25th, at 8.45 a.m. (Swiss Time) are the Holstein R&W 2yr. olds entering the showring, followed by the B&W 2yr. olds. Many impressive cows are entering the showring, with for example Comestar Doorman O'Katrysha EX-93-CH! If you can't make it to the show, you can follow the show LIVE at schweizerbauer.ch. Click further for more info.   En Lire Plus

23 mars 2023 Anderstrup Holsteins in Denmark had an openday last week, everyone who wanted to see the farm and their beautiful cows was welcome that day. Around the 450 people visited the farm where several of their best cows were lined up, sired by NH DG Arrow, OH DG Doble *RC, Siemers Lambda Haniko, Koning Tarzan, Aurora Mitchell, Vekis DG Popeye and many more! Take a seat and look at the pictures to see the tremendous group of cows who were lined up. Click further to see the pictures.   En Lire Plus

21 mars 2023 Mox Holsteins had last week a show for in the books with winning 8 titles! It all began in the 2yr. old class with Mox Aurelia. She won her class and became 2yr. old Champion. She is sired by Avatar-Red and her dam is Mox Atwood Anousha *RC EX-92-DE out of WWS Alyzee-Red VG-88-DE 3yr. and are tracing back to the famous KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA. The Reserve 2yr. old title was for her barnmate Mox Biene, she is also an Avatar-Red daughter out of Schatt Devour Beauty out of Garay Awesome Barbara EX-92-CH. In the class with 2nd calvers was Mox Cairo crowned as Champion Young Cows. She is a King Doc daughter straight out of Kings-Ransom MG Cleavage EX-95-USA. The Intermediate Champion title was for the 3rd calver Mox Ezra, she became also Grand Champion of the show! Click further for more info.   En Lire Plus

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