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30 de septiembre de 2020 HEIFER OF THE DAY: Lot 52. Milksource Unix Chassy
Great genomic TYPE numbers, sired by the proven UNIX and straight out of one of the greatest DOORMAN dtrs in the breed and multiple All-American & All-Canadian: Trefle Chassep Doorman EX-92-USA, going back on Regancrest S Chassity, foundation cow behind Gold Chip, Capital Gain, High Octane and multiple others!
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29 de septiembre de 2020 Today it's time for a great ranking on the trait PROTEIN based on the GTPI index!! We'll introduce you the top 10 PROTEIN females in Europe of the August 2020 proof! There are some little changes comparing this list to the foreign April 2020 proof. Jedi has again a lot of influence in the list with delivering again 6 (grand) daughters in the top 10. The #1 PROTEIN female in Europe is again for the third time in a row Mirabell Supersire Shana at +79 lbs protein. Second is Peak Montoy Obi 1047 with either +75 lbs protein backed by Larcrest Crimson. At the shared third spot we find Vilma 6507, an Jedi daughter with +74 lbs protein. Her maternal sister by Humblenkind sold in the European Masters Sale '19 to Roccafarm Holsteins & T. Adams. New in the top 10 are Jedi daughters Col DG Corsa at +73 protein and DG Eline at +72 protein. Continue reading...   Leer más

29 de septiembre de 2020 DG Albero Enrica is fresh with her second calf. For cows going true an intensive ET program as a maiden heifer and a two-year-old, it is not always easy to get in good shape for the second lactation. But that is not a problem for Enrica… she is fresh again and started right away milking a lot. This resulting in a projected production of: La2 305d 13.230kgM 3.87%F 3.36%P (proj). Continue reading.....   Leer más

28 de septiembre de 2020 HEIFER OF THE DAY: Lot 28. Mattenhof Goldwyn Heidi. KING of the RING: Braedale GOLDWYN from the REIGNING European Champion: Du Rahun Chelios Heline EX-94-CH 2E, Sponsored by: SGARIBOLDI

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28 de septiembre de 2020 De Dorre Holsteins disperse their herd through an online auction from 10. until 17. December 2020 with members selling from the Laurie Sheik's, Ravenswell Lydia's, Doorman's cow family, the Larcrest Cosmopolitan's and more. Click further for more information.   Leer más

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USA | Top 50 GTPI Calves (<9 Months) - 08/20

agosto 2020
1HODEU000956066787Herioc x Dynamo x Supershot3039
2DENOVO ELLANORAEntity x Spectre x Powerball-P2989
3BOGHILL GLAMOUR HEROIC A ETRUHerioc x Achiever x Dancer2983
4HODEU000956066822Herioc x Dynamo x Supershot2952
5DE OOSTERHOF 3STAR REEVESTARRiveting x Granite x Rubicon2947
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