European RED CARRIER female rankings!

Here is the one & only European RED CARRIER ranking for females based on GTPI - NOTE: this is an un-official list, we have tried to include all European Red Carrier females which should be on this list, however heifers could be missed. If your heifer is missing, or you know missing heifers, let us know through info@eurogenes.nl, so we can add them to the list to get this ranking as complete as possible. Click further for the ranking! 


Top 25 GTPI RED CARRIER Females in Europe (12/18) - Click here for the complete ranking
NOTE: Un-official list, if animals are missing, let them know through info@eurogenes.nl 


MS DG-TM Delta Bridgett *RC VG-89-USA EX-MS La1. 
     4 daughters in the European Red Carrier Top 25 for GTPI!
     * Bridgett has the maximum score of VG-89 (EX-MS) in her 1st lactation in the USA
     * Going back on the All-American & All-Canadian: Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA
     * Embryos available: Click here for more information

Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia Red VG-85-USA La1. 
* Dam to Salvatore *RC @ Jetstream Genetics  
    * Her Jedi grand dtr is the #6 GTPI RED CARRIER heifer in Europe: OH DG SKY WALKER *RC: GTPI +2693
    * Sofia has 4 grand dtrs in the European GTPI Top 25 for Red Carrier's

De Oosterhof DG Rose P *RC   
     * Red Carrier Rubicon dtr - multiple offspring in the European top rankings for R&W and Red Carrier


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