Leading in many ways: KNS Flicka *RC

She is leading in so many ways this incredible transmitter KNS Flicka *RC. She is dam to Hokovit Fertility (s. Yoda P), he is propably the highest bull ever in the Swiss system with a breeding value of +168 DGZW (fertility index). This value has never been reached in Switzerland till this index run! Flicka is also the dam to Hokovit Prince. One of the very first Charl sons in Europe with +2721 GTPI and +927 NM$!! Also her daughter Hokovit Santorius Sanblack 3 is topping in the Swiss system with +1643 dGWZ ISET with >3000 Milk!!

Modesty x KNS Fantastic P *RC (s. Supershot) x MHD Numero Uno Fioka P *RC VG-85 x Fiona 7 PP Red GP-84 (s. Lawn Boy P Red) x Boss Iron 

  • +2500 gTPI & 734 NM$! (04/19)
  • Dam to the bull Hokovit FERTILITY (+168 DGZW!!) (+1629 ISET) (04/19)
  • FERTILITY has the highest fertility index ever reached in Switzerland!
  • Dam to Hokovit Sanblack 3 (s. Santorius) (+1643 ISET / +3066 Milk) (04/19)
  • Great German cow family with huge numbers!!
  • Full sister to KNS Fettes-Brot P *RC - dam to KNS Faith (s. Redrock) (+2735 GTPI) (04/19)

Her daughter: Hokovit Sanblack 3 (s. Santorius) (PEDIGREE)

  • Huge ISET heifer: +1643 ISET / +3066 Milk (04/19)


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