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#1 PTAT female from CRUSHTIME'S full sister for Genesland!

November 7, 2019 The female intermediate GTPI rankings of all European females tested for the month November are now available and online through the headliner top genomics. The #1 PTAT female this run is a Undenied daughter from CRUSHTIME & CRUSHABULL their full sister Col DG Brylin who tests +4.07 PTAT. Another remarkle top placed PTAT heifer is Panda Tango Red, she came out as the #1 PTAT Unstopabull-Red daughter in Europe and is Red & White as well. She is a grand daughter of the Res. Intermediate Champion World Dairy Expo 2017: Ms Pottsdale DFI Tang-Red EX-94-USA. In the top NET MERIT rankings for November we find Cirio Agricola Shibuya on top, she is an early ARISTOCRAT heifer who tests +1034 NM$ in combination with +2820 GTPI. That makes her as well the #6 GTPI female. The Oosterhof has also succes with a Kenobi daughter testing +1013 NM$ at place 2. Topping in the GTPI rankings is KAX 51762 an Basic daughter with +2857 GTPI and +2.29 PTAT. Click further for more info.   Read More

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#2 GTPI Female of September '19 for Hul-Stein!!

September 26, 2019 Recently the GTPI index of Hul-Stein Butterlaw came back. She notes +2815 GTPI in combination with +984 NM$. This makes her the #2 GTPI & #1 NET MERIT Female this September intermediate run!! She has no holes in her index with: >700 Milk / +0.26% Fat / +98 Fat / +0.12% Protein / >+1.6 DPR / 2.72 SCS / 6.4% SCE / +2.29 UDC and +1.84 PTAT!! Butterlaw is sired by AltaLawson and a daughter of Hul-Stein Butterfly (s. Jedi). This Jedi daughter traces back to the popular Stantons Freddie Cameo EX-90-CAN and transmits fanatastic with 5 daughters and sons >2700 GTPI & >900 NM$!! Click further to read more.   Read More

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World Class DWP$ index for Hul-Stein BREEZER

September 4, 2019 The Achiever son BREEZER, bred by Hul-Stein, already appeared in the global top ranking for GTPI & Net Merit. After the August '19 index run he is as well one of the highest bulls in the breed for the Dairy Welness Profit $ index:  DWP$ 1173! The index which calculates the profitability of the genetics based on production and additional fitness traits as mastitis, lameness, metritis, retrained placenta, displaced abomasum and ketosis. As well BREEZER is one of the very few bulls in the world combining >1000 Net Merit, with a positieve DPR, >2 Udder Compisite & >1 for the Feet & Leg index. Breezer goes back on the phenomenal BARBIE cow family and is available through AI Total.    Read More

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Official European GTPI rankings 08/19!

August 16, 2019 Eurogenes is the place to be to stay tuned about the latest index releases. Today we would like to present the top rankings of the FEMALES in Europe on PTAT, NM$ and GTPI. This August release bring the a new #1 GTPI female in Cirio Agricola Idra, a Skywalker daughter from the Beeze Ida family with +2849 GTPI!!! She is also the #5 NET MERIT Calf <9 months in Europe. Again this index run, Charl keeps impressing with his skyhigh daughters. The #7 GTPI & #6 Net Merit Calf is Hul-Stein Buttermilk (s. Charl) with +2815 GTPI // +1001 NM$. OH DG Dory, also a Charl daughter is the #4 NET MERIT & #6 GTPI Calf in Europe with +2815 GTPI // +1007 NM$. In the top PTAT list we see a lot influence of the Butz-Butler Gold Barbara family with 3 offsprings in the top 6. The #6 PTAT Calf this run is NH Artist Barnabas (s. Artist). This lovely heifer notes +4.13 PTAT. At the heifer we find NH Doc Fun at the 4th spot. This King Doc heifer notes +4.24 PTAT and is straight out Ralma Juror Faith EX-91-USA family. She sold through the European Masters Sale 2019 to DG France. HC Archrival Arianne confirms again her strengt and is now #2 PTAT Cow >2 years in Europe with +4.00 PTAT. Click further for the complete rankings.   Read More

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Builder P leads at the Scandinavian index!

August 14, 2019 Delta Builder P is with +42 NTM the leader in the Scandinavian index this August release. Second in the list is VH Growny with +41 NTM and third Shero with +40 NTM. Also Crownmax leaves in his mark on in this Scandinavian index list with claiming the #21 and providing +35 NTM. Besides we find Eagle at the #34 with +34 NTM and a huge fertility index of +111 and amazing udders: +11 Udder. Click further for the complete list.   Read More

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NL Holstein Highlights - Sire proof August 2019

August 14, 2019 The August 2019 release brings a new #1 gNVI bull: Delta Yes. This Ranger son notes +434 gNVI in combination with +566 INET in the B&W genomic list. Weelder Esperanto drops one spot to #2, but adds four points in his index to +426 gNVI. Furthermore we find DG DV Simax, an Imax son of the Volmer Sabine at rank 6 and guarantees for +411 gNVI. Gen Bellroy, a Benz son of DG Bretagne, claims the 7th position with +409 gNVI. This bull is bred by Genesland and available through Masterrind. In the top ten of the genomic R&W sires, a few were moving up or down by more than 6 spots. The unbeatable #1 NVI R&W genomic bull is again Delta Jacuzzi-Red with +406 gNVI. Also the former 2: Hul-Stein Trend P-Red holds tight at spot 2 and provides now +363 gNVI. Remarkle is Caudumer Solitair P-Red who loses 17 points and dropping six spots to #9. Click further for more Dutch indexes.   Read More

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German RZG rankings ONLINE: SANO the new #1!

August 13, 2019 Germany is the first today with the newest bull publications. The new #1 RZG bull in the genomic interbull list is SANO, a Sonic son with +165 RZG. His dam Rhala EX DG Jacy is sold through the German Masters Sale 2016 and bred by Diamond Genetics & Rhala. Chilton rises to place 2 in the list with still +164 RZG. CROWNMAX keeps impressing with +163 RZG at place 6. This Imax son impresses with >1600 Milk & +156 RZM and is bred by Hul-Stein. In the top 15 RZG bulls is DG Charley again leaving his mark with delivering 4 sons!! In the top RZG R&W list is Solitair P still leading the Interbull Genomic list with +162 RZG. Second in this list is the heavily used Wescoast Swingman with +159 RZG. Col DG Spark-Red is also again topping in this list with +156 at place 6. The Anreli son Andy-Red notes +155 RZG at place 9. Click further for all the German indexes.   Read More

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Sky high NVI scores for Hul-Stein Buttermilk & Hul-Stein Doutzen

July 22, 2019 The gNVI scores of the heifer Hul-Stein Buttermilk & Hul-Stein Doutzen recently came back. Hul-Stein Buttermilk guarantees for +411 gNVI and +575 INET. She also provides +2055 Milk, +0.32% Fat, +0.02% Protein and +113 for her Somatic Cell Score!! This Charl daughter is a out of the same family as the #1 RZG bull in Germany: Hul-Stein CROWNMAX (+165 RZG/ +158 RZM). She is also the #2 GTPI female in the June intermediate run with +2891 GTPI and +1033 NET MERIT. Her herdmate Hul-Stein Doutzen scored +359 gNVI with +425 INET and +865 Herdlife. This Skywalker daughter provides also +2772 GTPI and +908 NM$. Her maternal line traces back to Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92-USA. Click further to read more.   Read More

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The July intermediate run is ONLINE now!

July 15, 2019 You can find the July intermediate run index now through the header Top Genomics. The #1 GTPI female this run is Koepon Lawson Ruby 25, an AltaLawson daughter with +2858 GTPI. At place 2 we find a Kenobi daughter from the Giessen Cinderella 20 family with +2852 GTPI. The #1 NET MERIT and #4 GTPI heifer this intermediate run is Charl daughter Gen Cannan who provides +1004 NM$ and +2830 GTPI. At place 6 we find again a Charl daughter, OH DG Dory, with +2821 GTPI and also +992 NM$. Futhermore we find Wilder Facy at the fourteenth place with +2775 GTPI. The top type (PTAT) is leading by Wiltor King Doc Apple, a King Doc daughter from the Apple's with +4.09 PTAT. The legacy of the popular show cow Veenhuizer Damion Winnie EX-92-NL continues with her Undenied grand daughter at place 4 with +4.00 PTAT. Also Carf Emeraude EX-91-NL leaves a mark on the list with delivering offsprings at place 8 and place 10.   Read More

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The foundation behind the #2 NM$ & GTPI: Hul-Stein Callidora

June 6, 2019 She is the foundation behind the #2 Net Merit and #2 GTPI in the June intermediate run: Hul-Stein Callidora VG-86-NL VG-88-MS 2yr. This grand daughter of Stantons Freddie Cameo EX-90-CAN 38* is sired by the #3 daugher proven GTPI sire in the breed Edg Rubicon and scored VG-86-NL with a VG-88-MS in her 1st lactation as a 2yr. Old. Her grand daughter is the #2 NET MERIT and #2 GTPI female in the June intermediate run in Europe. Her name is Hul-Stein Buttermilk. This Charl daughter is one of the very first Charl daughters in Europa and provides +1033 NM$ / +2891 GTPI with no holes in her index: >1800 Milk / 2.60 SCS / +7 PL / +112 Fat and +70 Protein. This family contains 10 generations VG- or EX-dams and traces back to Sher-Est S-Wind Saturday EX-90-USA GMD DOM.   Read More

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