Share DG DH Pearl wins Sr. Champion at Avondbloesemshow

Share DG DH Pearl EX-91-NL EX-91-MS, owned by Dick & Rosita van Deelen, recently won the Senior Champion title at the Avondbloesemshow 2024! Pearl EX-91-NL produced already >100.000kgM and is the first Powerball P daughter in the Netherlands classified with EX-91-NL with EX-91 for her Frame, EX-91 for her Mammary System and EX-90 Feet&Legs. She is from a VG-86-NL 2yr. old POLLED Shotglass daughter followed by Butlerview Colt Pixie *RC P EX-91-USA (s. Colt P Red), the dam to Butlerview AltaIllini P @Alta out of Massey daughter Richmond-FD Pompey EX-91-USA. Share DG DH Pearl EX-91-NL is dam to Share Pearl 435 (s. Radio), she became at the Avondbloesemshow 2024 Miss Betuwe 2024! 

Video / Photo credits:  Agrishoots, Veeteelt, Han Hopman, Wolfhard Schulze ©

Miss Betuwe 2024: Share Pearl 425 
Radio x Share DH DH Pearl EX-91-NL EX-91-MS (s. Powerball P) x RZH Pretonia P VG-86-NL 2yr. (s. Shotglass)

Senior Champion Avondbloesemshow 2024: Share DG DH Pearl EX-91-NL EX-91-MS
Radio x RZH Pretonia P VG-86-NL 2yr. (s. Shotglass) x Butlerview Colt Pixie *RC P EX-91-USA (s. Colt P Red)

  • Bred by Diamond Genetics and sold to Dick & Rosita van Deelen
  • Senior Champion Avondbloesemshow 2024

Dam: RZH Pretonia VG-86-NL 2yr.
Shotglass x Butlerview Colt Pixie *RC P EX-91-USA (s. Colt P Red) x Richmond-FD Pompey EX-91-USA DOM (s. Massey)

  • She was a great 2yr. old for Polled breeding!
  • Dam to DG DH Precious *P - One of the former highest POLLED Rubicon dtrs in Europe!!
  • Maternal cousin to Coyne-Farms Sympati PAT-RED @ Select Sires
  • Grand dam is a former #2 GTPI Massey in the breed
  • Great maternal line: with bulls like Massey and Ramos in the back!

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