You got Champions, Grand Champions, Even European and North American Champions but now O’Kalibra got the Title of Titles…. THE ALL TIME WORLD CHAMPION chosen by the readers of Holstein International. The Boss Iron daughter O'Kalibra was bred by Fredy Decrausaz and sold to GS Alliance (Switzerland) and Patt Conroy from the US. O’Kalibra has won the hearts of so many Holstein Enthousiasts around the world. Click further for a video of O'Kalibra and to read the complete article published in Holstein International.

Photo credits: Wolhard Schulze ©

 KLIK HIER - for the read the article about O'Kalibra in the Holstein International February issue.

Decrausaz Iron O'Kalibra *RC EX-97-CH
* All-Time World Champion Holstein International 2021
* Most influential cow of Switzerland 2013
* European Champion Fribourg 2013
* Triple Grand Champion Swiss Expo 2015, 2013 & 2012
* Reserve Grand Champion Expo Bulle 2011
* Honorable Mention Grand Champion Swiss Expo 2011

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