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Lyngbyvej 2
9520 Skorping, Denmark





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HS-NH Mercedes VG-85-NL VG-89-MS
(Chevrolet x Sudan)
Former #1 RZG Heifer World Wide!!
Anderstrup MOM Carine VG-89-DK EX-91-MS 2yr.
(Man-O-Man x Didrik)
#4 GTPI Man-O-Man in Europe
Des-Y-Gen Snowman Selina *RC VG-86-DE 3yr.
(Snowman x Planet)
Full sister to Sympatico @ Semex
Anderstrup Bookem Carri
(Bookem x Man-O-Man)
#2 GTPI Bookem in Europe
Anderstrup Levi Classi
(Levi x Man-O-Man)
#1 GTPI Levi in Europe!
Anderstrup Snowman Heaven
(Snowman x Shottle x Boliver)
Dam to the #1 RZG bull: CINEMA (RZG 167)
Manders Dellia 19
(Galaxy x Man-O-Man)
High Galaxy in different test systems
Anderstrup Bookem Carmenx
(Bookem x Man-O-Man)
#1 GTPI Bookem dtr in Europe!
DG Cameret
(Chevrolet x Shamrock)
#1 Chevrolet in the breed!
Vieuxsaule Lexor Satire *TY VG-86-DE 2yr.
(Tribune x Lexor)
#1 RZG Tribune daughter
NH Enforcer Indiana VG-85-DE VG-MS 2yr.
(Enforcer x Windbrook)
#2 Enforcer World Wide / Former #1 RZG in Germany!!


Anderstrup Laudan Camille VG-89-DK 2yr.
(Laudan x Jocko Besne)
Dam to Anderstrup Ramos Camil
Anderstrup Laudan Cherri VG-89-DK 2yr.
(Laudan x Jocko Besne)
Full sister to LEKO!


Anderstrup Super Gisi VG-88-DK 2yr.
(Superstition x Roumare)
Dam to Gently @ RUW
Anderstrup Niagra Gisala VG-89-DK 2yr.
(Niagra x Roumare)
#1 Niagra in Scandinavia
Anderstrup Roumare Gisa VG-89-DK 2yr.
(Roumare x OMan)
Former #1 GTPI Roumare in Europe
Tir-An Riverland Genua EX-90-DK
(Riverland x Aaron)
Excellent from the Grietjes


Screaming-Vis-R Heaven EX-90-USA
(Jet Stream x Ramos)
#5 GTPI Jet Stream in Europe
Anderstrup Laudan Cassablanca VG-88-DK 2yr.
(Laudan x Garter)
Same family as Juwel
Anderstrup Shottle Joline EX-90-DK
(Shottle x Hesne)
Former #1 Shottle in Denmark
DKR Faith VG-87-DE 2yr.
(Pronto x Goldwyn)
High GTPI Pronto in Europe
DKR Pronto Layla NC
(Pronto x Goldwyn)
#1 GTPI Pronto World Wide
DT Gina VG-88-NL 2yr.
(Goldwyn x BW Marshall)
Top seller Star Sale

Hotspots Winter / Spring 2015
Hotspots Winter / Spring 2015
Hotspots Winter / Spring 2015
Hotspots Winter / Spring 2015
Anderstrup DG Calico
Anderstrup DG Calico
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